Aug 09

Exam Success

Elgin Academy students have once again enjoyed a very successful set of exam results, including the best overall performance at National 5 in S4 since the new exams started, and S6 students leaving with the highest ever percentages gaining 1+, 3+ and 5+ Highers.

Across the senior phase (S4-S6), young people have achieved very well. It is important to note that not everyone can achieve, for example, 5 ‘A’s, but that many have achieved their own personal best.

As always, we await the ‘Insight’ analysis of exam data in September, but, using the traditional measures, S4 attainment is very good. 45% of the year group gained five or more passes at National 5, the best performance since the new exams started five years ago.

Higher attainment in S5 is very good. The percentage of the S4 cohort gaining five or more Highers in S5 is 20%, equalling the second best ever total set in 2014 and 2015. The percentage gaining at least three Highers is 38%, equalling the second best ever, set in 2015.

In terms of pupils achieving ‘A’s across the board, there are some remarkable successes. Five pupils achieved 5 ‘A’s at Higher in S5: Anais Bliault, Tomas Coelho, Lauren Moggach, Rebecca Nally and Frieda Welsh, with many more gaining four ‘A’s and a ‘B’.

Eighteen pupils gained 6 ‘A’s at National 5 in S4: Marina Allen, Rana Bedawi, Charlotte Bell, Beth Carmichael, Niamh Collins, Gregor Coulson, Shona Cumming, Ruby Daly, Dylan Davidson, Lindsay Elliott, Rhea Fraser, Marcus Huby, Tom Jenkins, Ronah Lynch, Zoe Mainus, Henry Morris, Callum Nairn and Conan Smith.

Some students will have been disappointed by results which are perhaps less than they expected. Senior staff were on hand to provide advice, whilst guidance staff will work with students at the beginning of next week to look afresh at course choices. In addition, the Skills Development Scotland helpline is available to provide advice: 0808 100 8000.

We are very keen to support all our students and our congratulations go to those who have achieved what they hoped for, whilst we will support and advise those who have not achieved their hopes.

Once again, the vital support of a very hardworking and committed staff was essential to this year’s success, and our thanks and appreciation go to the staff of Elgin Academy. In addition, the support of parents is crucial to success, and is very much appreciated.

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Jun 29

School Dress Code

A reminder:

Letter to Parents re School Dress code-29.6.17

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Jun 28

School Newsletter

Please click here to see the final action-packed edition of the school year:

Elgin Academy Newsletter June 2017

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Jun 27

Transition to S1

On Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 June, we welcomed our prospective S1 pupils for the next stage of their induction, this time a two-day visit to follow their timetables and meet their new classmates and teachers. This was followed by an event for parents on Thursday evening and by, the ASG Cycle ride to Lossiemouth on Tuesday 27 June. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone as Elgin Academy pupils on Tuesday 15 August!

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Jun 27

Sports Day 2017

Elgin Academy held its first whole school Sports Day in many years on Friday 23 June 2017. Here, pupil Jonathan Weir writes about his experience:

Elgin Academy’s 2017 Sports Day was the best day of my year!
The day started out quite wet, but this did not put down our enthusiasm, in fact it enhanced it. The sun appeared after break and from then the day got better and better.
Sports day was a great success in all regards, but without the help of pupils, staff and the pure dedication of the PE Department, none of that would be possible.
It was great seeing the whole school getting involved throughout the day, either competing or spectating, in all the great events which were put in place such as the running, relay, discus, shotput, javelin and long jump.
A big shout out to Steve Frew, who was able to join us for such a great day, seeing the best that Elgin Academy has to offer. I want to thank all those who took part and represented their houses.
No Sports Day shall ever out do 2017’s as it was just great and above all, fun.

Jonathan Weir

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Jun 27

String Quartet Concert for ‘Make A Wish’

Elgin Academy enjoyed an evening of musical entertainment on Friday 23 June with our String Quartet Charity Concert, and raised money for the Make A Wish charity, in memory of Matthew Campbell and Abbie Robinson. The concert, which featured the quartet of Rhona Sword, Rhea Fraser, Mhairi Maclean and Samuel Nealon, and the vocals of Lauren MacDonald, raised over £700 for the charity.

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