Apr 12

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Keiran’s Legacy

To honour Keiran Mckandie and his passion for sport, engineering and  helping others, a charity is in the process of being formalised in Keiran’s name.

Keiran’s Legacy will endeavour and commit to saving lives in Keiran’s name and promote the person and spirit he had for life through sport and saving lives. Defibrillators have already been distributed into police fast response vehicles in  Grampian in response to none being available on the day of Keiran’s accident.

This will ensure similar  people in these situations get the best chance of survival.

As part of the ongoing work and on behalf of Keiran, Keiran’s Legacy would like to provide Moray secondary schools in the first instance with a defibrillator. This initiative is supported by the European and United Kingdom Resuscitation Councils and the evidence informs us that if we train our children early, peoples’ lives will be saved.

The first secondary school to receive a defibrillator will be Elgin Academy. This event will take place on Wednesday 19 April 2017  with the vision through charity events to provide a defibrillator to all Moray secondary schools in the future. The session on 19 April to be held at Elgin Academy will give 6th year pupils an opportunity  to use a defibrillator and perform basic life support so that in the event of a real life emergency they will have an insight into being able to use one. This is a life skill which they will be able to take with them when leaving school and may save someone’s life.

Keiran is our precious son and friend and is loved and missed every second of every day and life will never be the same,  I can’t describe how we exist on a daily basis without Keiran. We must honour Keiran and ensure that he has a legacy to be proud of and one that makes a difference to real people

I hope as parents, teachers and pupils you will support this event. I am aware of the generous support that Moray and some of you have already provided and there are not enough words to express our gratitude.

We hope to see the 6th year pupils on Wednesday 19 April 2017 and if there is  anyone who wants to know anymore about the cause then please contact me.

On behalf of Keiran, thank you.
Gordon and Sandra Mckandie

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