Cracking the Code

Team HMS Supernova recently entered and won the UK national competition Cracking the Code.  Five students – Josh, Carrie, Kelly, Jonathan and Lexi – came up with a concept, room design and puzzles for an escape room.  They were short listed and invited to London in order to present their idea to a panel of professionals, where they were crowned National Crack the Code Winners 2018. Part of the prize, and probably the most exciting part, is that their escape room was brought to life here at Elgin Academy.  For one week only, HMS Supernova Escape Room was open to students, staff and guests – creating a magnificent buzz around the school.  Students competed within the academy in all subject areas, in order to win tickets. To believe and try something new and different, is courageous and makes us extremely proud of Josh, Carrie, Kelly, Jonathan and Lexi.  Very much an innovative and hardworking team, this is an exciting opportunity for all our young people to realise that if they work hard, there are great rewards out there.

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