Show my Homework/homework resources

It appears there is some concern about SHOW MY HOMEWORK and the fact that it issues lots of email or app notifications on phones (or fitbits!).  Please see below how to turn them off. You can then check daily or weekly (as you wish) to get updated:

“Managing notifications on the app

To subscribe to email and push notifications via the Android app or iOS app:

  1. Go to Settings and click on Notifications
  2. In the Email Notifications section, toggle the switch to the right to subscribe to daily digest, weekly digest emails, new events and announcements. Toggling the switch to the left will unsubscribe you from these.
  3. In the Push Notifications section, toggle the switch to the right to subscribe to all available push notifications. Push notifications are pop ups that appear on your mobile device. You don’t have to be on the app or using the device to receive them. Again, slide to LEFT to unsubscribe

    Managing notifications in your browser

    When logged into your student account in a browser, you will be able to subscribe to your preferred email notifications. To do this, please click on Account Settings to be taken to your settings page. From here, simply scroll down until you see Manage notifications and then you can simply tick or untick the options as you like.

We are also going to copy all the resources across to the school website so students/parents can access at their leisure . We also appreciate that many parents do not have sufficient storage space on their phones.

Hopefully this will ease student/parental worries. Further information on online resources, live online teaching and so on will follow.

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The Academy is now CLOSED to staff and students until further notice. Details of admission of key workers' children to follow