Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Internships – last call


The Invest In Education Internships list for ‘Live & Online’ Summer Internships are almost full, and we expect to close registration for all of them by this Sunday 28th June.  Our online Internships have been the most highly-demanded programmes in InvestIN’s history, with students from more than 40 countries having registered in the past two months. This is the final chance for students aged 15-18 to be part of this immersive, career-enhancing experience.

NB: students need to register before this Sunday 28th June.

Each Internship is listed below.

A pdf is attached below with all the dates and weblinks to the application forms

 Online Summer Internships Final Call 23rd June 

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Internships, Highlights & Dates

1st – 4th August OR 29th August – 1st September

– Take part in a patient consultation with a GP

– Shadow doctors on a simulated ward round

– Personalised medical school application coaching including mock interviews

1st – 4th August OR 29th August – 1st September

– Design an Artificial Intelligence solution to an environmental crisis

– Experience a live engine teardown and explore automotive design

– Design a space expedition into the unknown

1st – 4th August OR 29th August – 1st September

– Experience a full murder trial: cross-examine witnesses and forensic evidence

– Argue a human rights case before a judge

– Discover Corporate Law with top lawyers from international firms

1st – 4th August OR 29th August – 1st September

– Design an investment strategy with Private Equity managers

– Participate in a live M&A deal: full company valuation & dramatic rounds of negotiation

– Optimise a macro security portfolio and have it reviewed by Hedge Fund managers

– Compete with trading software used by investment banks to recruit graduates

15th – 18th August

– Diagnose and develop treatment plans for patients

– Act as a psychological expert witness in a simulated criminal trial

– Experience sports psychology by consulting with real players

8th – 11th August

– Work with top Software Engineers to programme the ultimate app

– Carry out a data forensics investigation to uncover cybercriminal activity

– Carry out penetration testing on a ‘secure’ website

– Discover AI and the evolution of machine learning

15th – 18th August

– Represent your country in a ‘Model UN’ Security Council meeting about a rapidly-escalating international crisis

– Coaching and guidance from people who work at the UN and the Foreign Office

– Compose and present a speech to persuade Parliament to follow your strategy

– Conduct peace talks

15th – 18th August

– Planning, directing, and filming your first original film scene

– Learning professional editing techniques and applying them to your original work

– Use professional script-writing software to create a screenplay

8th – 11th August

– Design two unique buildings in accordance with client briefs, following RIBA processes

– Create flash sequences and fly-through videos of your designs

– Present your designs to a group of senior architects and get feedback

– Use the latest cutting-edge software, including 3-D designs and Virtual Reality

8th – 11th August

– Design a business strategy to create a multi-million dollar company, with coaching and feedback from top Entrepreneurs

– Pitch the idea to real-life Venture Capital investors and get live feedback

– Coaching on key entrepreneurial skills: Leadership, Negotiation, Networking,

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