Future Doctors Week

Email received today – S5/6 students – may be of interest

From July 20th – 24th we’re running our Future Doctors week online for your students aged 14-18 who might be considering careers in healthcare and we also have a totally free guide to writing the perfect med school personal statement for all of your students that are interested in careers in medicine to receive a copy.

Students spend the Future Doctors Week learning everything they need to apply to med school and will gain some fantastic work experience too to help with applications, all from the comfort of their own homes.

With medical work experience being such a critical aspect to a successful application and world events currently making that very difficult to obtain, we wanted to incorporate this into an online course, led by current practicing UK NHS doctors.

School starts July 20th – July 24th and full details can be found by your students visiting  HERE and that’s where any of your students aged 14-18 who are considering choosing medicine at university can also receive their free guide to perfecting the personal statement for medicine.

Thanks a lot and we hope to see them soon!

Jasmine Little

The PremedProjects Team

E: info@premedprojects.co.uk
W: www.premedprojects.co.uk

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