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Design and Technology

Mr J Cruickshanks (PT)

Mr T Stewart / Mr I Cunningham

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Manufacturing Processes – You Tube Videos

Rapid Prototyping     Rapid Prototyping – FDM     Injection Moulding     Extrusion 2      Injection Moulding -more      Compression Moulding     Sand Casting 1
Simple Piercing     Drop Forging     TIG Welding     Pogo Stick     3D Printer     Rotational Moulding     Extrusion 1     Vacuum Forming     Blow Moulding

Die Casting     Sand Casting 2     Piercing & Blanking     MIG Welding     Arc Welding     How it’s made 1

Here are some YouTube videos of different manufacturing processes. Click the underlined hyperlinks

Higher Product Design – Website Links

Musselburg Grammar         Computer Arts        Design Council        Design Nation       BMW       Seymour Powell       Design Council     SMART Car

Nike History     Apple MAC history       The Body Shop      Ergomonics Society       Anthropometrics        Made how      Waste Aware     Design Museum

IKEA      Bang and Olufsen      Which? magazine     Human Sizes      Lego      A-Z of materials


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Engineering Science

National 5 NOTES NOTES Tech Studies Int 2 Applied Electronics nutshells_revision_N5_engineering_science DATA BOOK EngineeringScienceDataBookletSQP 2008 SG_Int2_Technological Studies Data Booklet Past Papers & marking Instructions (MI) N5 EngineeringScience Specimen Question Paper Int2_Technological-Studies_all_2010 Int2_Technological-Studies_all_2011 Int2_Technological-Studies_All_2012 Int2_Technological-Studies_all_2013 Int2_Technological-Studies_QP_2014 mi_Int2_Technological-Studies_all_2010 mi_Int2_Technological-Studies_all_2011 mi_Int2_Technological-Studies_all_2012 mi_Int2_Technological-Studies_all_2013 mi_Int2_Technological-Studies_all_2014     Higher NOTES NOTES Tech Std H Applied Electronics NOTES Tech Studies H Structures …


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