Autism Accreditation


The school has in place an Autism group consisting of parents, pupils and staff.  The aim of the group is to ensure that, by working together, we better meet the needs of youngsters with ASD.  At the start of term, all our staff were issued with a useful guide containing advice and suggestions as to how we might support youngsters with ASD in class.  In addition, as a school, we hope to:




  • Improve Family Support Links
  • Look at putting in place a second Sensory Room
  • Produce a ‘Moving On’ document for parents and pupils re going to university, college, work….
  • Put in place a pupil group, for those with ASD, where they can express their views and thoughts as to how, as a school, we can better meet their needs

Finally, we have a group of parents with youngsters who have ASD who try to meet each term to share information and to discuss thoughts and ideas as to what we can put in place to improve the service we provide.  Invites are sent out each term and you are more than welcome to join us for coffee and to discuss issues that may be of concern.

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The Academy is now CLOSED to staff and students until further notice. Details of admission of key workers' children to follow