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Activity Days

Activity Days 2020 – Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th May

On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th May, all normal classes will be suspended for our annual Activity Days. Your son/daughter will be able to take part in one activity each day.

Please click here to view the choice of activity’s and make a choice selection.

Please browse the information provided and discuss the choices with your child. A number of residential trips have already been offered to pupils. If your child has been assigned a place on one of the residential trips then they do not need to complete this choice form.  Normal classes will also be suspended on Wednesday 20th May for a fundraising activity. This is organised separately and more details will be provided nearer the time.

Activity Days are still school days and all students are expected to be present at school (unless there is a genuine authorised absence) as they would be on any other school day.

For most activities there will necessarily be a cost involved. There are wide ranging costs of activities, from free activities to more sizeable amounts (which will cover all transport, etc.) Students should bring a packed lunch or enquire as to the availability of lunches at venues. Payments will not be required until shortly after the Easter holidays. When we have allocated pupils to activities, you will be informed of the activities your child has been assigned to and the full cost, as well as details of how and when to make payments. If payment is not made by the due date then the student will be reallocated to alternative activities. If there is a genuine financial difficulty, please contact your child’s Guidance teacher in the strictest confidence.

Please note that by completing this choice form, you are committing to pay for any of the selected activities. If your son/daughter fails to attend for any reason, you will still be liable to pay, even if you inform us in advance that they will not be taking part. This is due to resources having been purchased and places booked with external companies running some activities. Similarly, we are unable to issue refunds once payments are made.

More detailed information will be provided once your son or daughter has chosen their activities. We often receive requests to change activities after the students have been notified of their choices. Please note that with around 500 students to accommodate, changing can be extremely difficult or not possible. Activity Days should be an opportunity for students to work with others outside their friendship group. Any student whose behaviour gives serious cause for concern may have their activity changed.

We hope that Activity Days will provide an enjoyable, fun-filled experience for our pupils, allowing them to have new challenges and make new friends.

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The Academy is now CLOSED to staff and students until further notice. Details of admission of key workers' children to follow