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Autism Resources

Resources from Autism Accreditation are attached below: Useful Teaching and Activity Resources Health passport Maintaining Well-being FinalĀ  (Added 6th April 20) Social Stories Coronavirus_Social_Story Covid19 Social Story School is Closing Covid19 Social Story Stopping coronavirus Social Story What is coronavirus SS-Coronavirus Why is there no school today Why_I_have_to_stay_at_home_Social_Story_ Posters Health issues How to stay safe …

Health and Wellbeing

RESOURCES: Mental health Websites to support mental health, recommended by the Rowan Centre (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) at a difficult time. Young MindsĀ  Mood Juice (closes end of April) Hands on Scotland Mind ED General Health and well-being  


The Academy is now CLOSED to staff and students until further notice. Details of admission of key workers' children to follow