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Coronavirus – online learning

During the ‘lockdown’ period and afterwards until we are told to return, the following is advised:

S3 students: read and download the MacCaig poems and start thinking about N5.

S4 students should do the same with the Duffy poetry units. Poetry is available on Mr Terron’s page or 

The prose and drama units as well as general N5/Higher introductory materials (including folios) will be uploaded as soon as possible. There are also plenty of revision and writing/reading materials for S1-S3 on Show my Homework or this site on the Online Learning Hub page


National 5/Higher English Folio

In future students will have to ensure their folio pieces are inserted into the template below BEFORE the Academy sends them to SQA

English N5 Higher Portfolio Template


Candidate Guide – Higher

Candidate Guide – Int2

Students’ Guide

Crit essay qs from specimen paper (amended)

[important]Close Reading practice Booklets[/important]


[important]SKELLIG handouts[/important]

Skellig Argumentative-Persuasive (home)

Skellig Argumentative-Persuasive model (school)

Skellig persuasive essay (alt. to speech)


Useful websites Othello

Permanent link to this article:

Advanced Higher

Some useful notes are here – go to the bottom for Textual Analysis as discusssed with Mr T/Mrs B on Tue 19 Sep   Literary Theory Literary-Theories-help-165m778 (Word doc about Colonialism, Marxist and Feminist theory) Modernism – update  Word doc Feminism  Word doc Romanticism  Word doc 19th Century Fiction Knowledge organiser v2  A PowerPoint Knowledge Organiser …

Critical Essays

The aim of these essays is four-fold. They are designed: a. to help you prove that you have not only understood the events of the text which you have read but also that you have fully understood its main ideas and central concerns. You must also show that you have fully understood what the question …

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Trips and activities


The Academy is now CLOSED to staff and students until further notice. Details of admission of key workers' children to follow