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Site maintenance updates

The front page layout and current posts have been updated. (20 December)


Academy Information menu – all subheadings/subpages updated, photos added and links corrected/added. (21 December)


EA News/Events menu – all subheadings updated, links corrects and any linked pages/photos have now been added

All front page posts (x43) and links from posts (x123) have been updated, photos added and links corrected

Art and Design pages updated (trial run) Links amended and new Snow Day resources updated on sub-page/menu

Student Life menu and all sub pages updated/links and photos added

Fashion Show and School photo galleries added. Slideshow added to front page

Physics Standard Grade page and resources all updated and checked (22 December)


Physics Int 2, Higher and Adv H updated. Some answer papers missing – being chased

Chemistry and chemistry films etc all done!

Design and technology – youtube links all updated

Biology – all pages and sub pages /new CfE menu etc all done

Maths – all resources and links updated. Needs a bit of tidying up (add tables to get past papers etc lined up). Priority was to get the resources up so this cosmetic work will be done later in the week.

Computing, Business Studies and Geography all checked and updated as required. (23 December)

English, Drama, HE, History, RME PE, Music, Modern Studies, Modern Languages, all updated. (24 December)

Only thing left is Library menu and all submenus for Library groups/talks etc. To be done asap but not before 27th December.


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