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Snow Day – Higher/Int 2 revision

[warning]Higher and Intermediate 2 revision materials[/warning]

Dear Higher/ Int 2 Student of Art & Design,

If you are reading this at home- then it probably means ‘SNOW DAY!’  So, just in case, we in the Art and Design department have put together some images and questions to help you revise for your written exam.  This page  gives you access to different images and questions as well as supporting documents for you to practice with.  

On these pages you will find a bank of images- select one then look at the questions for the page and select one. REMEMBER –Write down the image information and the question at the top of your page.   If you need to practice your summary question (Questions about the artists and designers you have studied) then open up the summary questions page and- Bingo!


To use this resource; open the appropriate links e.g.  

If you are studying lighting design then click the ‘product design’ links below,



Images 1 Images 2 Images 3


If you are studying jewellery design



Images 1 Images 2 


If studying still life



Questions for Still life

Images 1 Images2 


And finally, Textiles and Fashion 


question sheet

Images 1 Images 2 Images 3 Images 4 


Last but not least, there is a document ‘Vocabulary and revision sheet for questions’ (link at the bottom of this page) – have a read, it may prove useful!!

All the best, work hard and stay warm!

The Art & Design teachers x


 Vocabulary and revision sheet for (a) questions







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