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Employment Notices

Any Modern Apprenticeships or other job vacancies will be posted here. June 2017 Jobs of the Week 230617 Jobs of the Week 160617 Jobs of the Week 090617 Jobs of the Week 020617 May 2017 Jobs of the Week 260517 (pdf) February 2017 Johnson Carmichael JC Futures poster 2017 JC Futures Vacancy Poster 2017 GTC (Vehicles) …

Extra Curricular Activities (Visits/events)

Senior Students to Mongolia July 2018

Well done to those pupils who completed a month long expedition to China and Mongolia.  We all had amazing adventures on horse back and foot.  I think the highlights would be volunteering at the Bayasgalant project summer camp in Mongolia, as a few tears were shed as we departed, and eating some snake and other …


Support for Learning (SfL)

PT Support for Learning – Ms K Morton Under construction

Curriculum (pending)

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The Academy is now CLOSED to staff and students until further notice. Details of admission of key workers' children to follow