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Parents’ Briefings

There are several briefing documents available for Parents or Carers that may be accessed directly below in pdf format.

Briefing 1Parents’ Briefing No 1 – S3 Profiling and the E-Portfolio

Briefing 2 – Parents’ Briefing No 2 – Self-evaluation

Briefing 3 – Parents’ Briefing No 3 – Homework

Briefing 4 – Parents’ Briefing No 4 – CfE Structure

Briefing 5Parents’ Briefing No 5 – Autism-friendly Accreditation

Briefing 6

Briefing 7 – Parents’ Briefing No 7 – Tracking and Monitoring in Elgin Academy

More briefings follow in due course.

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Growth Mindset

  [important]GROWTH MINDSETS[/important] Listed below are links to various documents and videos about Growth Mindsets which were discussed during the recent S1 Curriculum Evening. As the Academy continues to engage our students and staff in the adoption of Growth Mindsets more information will follow. This is the survey we used with students this week. Elgin …

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