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DNA and the Genome

Key Area Homework  1 + 2 Structure of DNA.Replication of DNA 3 Gene Expression 4 Cellular Differentiation 5 + 6 – Structure of the genome and Mutations 7 + 8 – Evolution and Genomic Sequencing Old Homework DNA Homework DNA Replication Pupil Case Study Homework organelles Protein Synthesis Homework Protein essays Transcription and Translation Essay …

Metabolism and Survival

Key Area Homework Key Area 1 – Metabolic Pathways and their control Key Area 2 – Cellular respiration Key Area 3 – Metabolic Rate Key Area 4 – Metabolism in Conformers and Regulators Key Area 5 – METABOLISM ADVERSE CONDITIONS Key Area 6 – Environmental Control of Metabolism Key Area 7 Genetic Control of Metabolism …

Sustainability and Interdependence

Key Area Homework Key Area 1 Food supply, plant growth and productivity Key Area 2 Plant and Animal Breeding Key Area 3 Crop Protection Key Area 4 Animal Welfare and behavioural indicators of poor welfare Key Area 5 Symbiosis Key Area 6 Social Behaviour Key Area 7 Biodiversity Key Area 8 Threats to Biodiversity Old …


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