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Activity Days

Activity Days 2020 – Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th May On Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th May, all normal classes will be suspended for our annual Activity Days. Your son/daughter will be able to take part in one activity each day. Please click here to view the choice of activity’s and make a choice selection. …


Guidance Team Mr I Davidson (Gordon) Mrs L Bowley (Innes) Mrs C Fraser (Moray) Mrs E Macrae (Randolph) Mrs S Taylor (Seafield) The role of guidance Your Guidance Teacher will: · be particularly interested in how you are getting on · get to know you particularly well · have time set aside to help you · …

Standards & Quality Report 2018

Elgin Academy Standards & Quality Report 2018

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Head Teacher Mr Kyle Scott  Depute Heads Mrs Karen Grant   Mr John Mackay   Mrs Natalie Munro Ms Elizabeth Toon

Staff List

Staff List – August 2019 Head Teacher Mr Kyle Scott Depute Head Teachers Mrs Karen Grant,  Mrs Karen Templeton (Acting DHT), Mrs Natalie Munro, Ms Elizabeth Toon Art & Design Mrs Jess Standfast, Mrs Victoria Lee (Acting PT), Ms Mandy Tullis Biology Mrs Rosalyn Gordon (PT),  Mrs Tracey Shaw, Mrs Laura Miller Ms Karen Crookston …

Parent Council

The aims of Elgin Academy Parent Council are to promote communication between parents and teachers, and to engage in activities that support the education and welfare of pupils attending the school. The Parent Council represents the views of the Parent Forum; all parents/carers of pupils currently attending Elgin Academy are automatically members of the Parent …

Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP)

The Elgin Academy Strategic Improvement Plan (SIP) for session 2018-2019 is below. It is important that everyone associated with the school is aware of the immense amount of work going on in the school to continuously improve the experince for everyone involved. SIP 2018-2019 final version 25 June 2018

Senior Students 2019-2020

Head Student: Ellis Saunders Depute Head Students: Morven Ross (L) and Robyn Thompson (R) Head Student – Ellis Saunders I am extremely honoured to have been selected as Head Student considering the strong competition I was up against. I am excited to work with Morven and Robyn as a team to make the school an even …

Policy Documents

[important]Most of these documents are available in pdf or Word .doc format. Right click the links below and select ‘save as’ on the link to download[/important]  P7 Transition Leaflet 2013 (pdf) Homework Policy amemded Show My Homework-9.6.14  Updated (June 2014) Homework Booklet Anti Bullying Policy

Parents’ Briefings

There are several briefing documents available for Parents or Carers that may be accessed directly below in pdf format. Briefing 1 – Parents’ Briefing No 1 – S3 Profiling and the E-Portfolio Briefing 2 – Parents’ Briefing No 2 – Self-evaluation Briefing 3 – Parents’ Briefing No 3 – Homework Briefing 4 – Parents’ Briefing No 4 – CfE Structure …

School Uniform

Students  wear school uniform as a sign of identification with, and pride in, Elgin Academy and its activities.  While wearing the uniform, students carry Elgin Academy’s reputation wherever they go. All students should wear uniform as follows: Black trousers or skirt of any suitable style (optional school tartan skirt) White shirt or blouse of choice School …

School day

SCHOOL DAY TIMINGS  Monday – Thursday 0845 – 0935 Period 1 0935 – 1025 Period 2 1025 – 1040 Interval 1040 – 1130 Period 3 1130 – 1220 Period 4   1220 – 1310 Period 5 1310 – 1400 Lunch 1400 – 1450 Period 6 1450 – 1540 Period 7   Friday The school day follows …

School History

From 1603 the town of Elgin had two schools – the Grammar School which instructed the pupils in Grammar and was sited on the corner of what is now Commerce Street, and also The Sang School or English School which, among other studies, instructed its pupils in the playing of  monaccords, lutes, ungindlies and scistors.  …

Eco Schools page

MYCA Congratulation to our Eco schools group on receiving a ‘highly commended’ award at this years MYCA award ceremony. Well deserved award after all of their hard work this session. Green Flag Award Congratulations to Elgin Academy for obtaining their first Green Flag Award! After all of the hard work that the Eco Schools group …

School Meals


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    • Carol Ellis-Clarke on Friday 24 February 2017 at 07:24
    • Reply

    Good morning,

    I am hoping you will be able to confirm for me if my great-great grandfather was headmaster at Elgin Acadamy in 1864. His name was John Garden. I am looking at his son’s birth certificate and this is listed as his profession.
    Many thanks,
    Carol Ellis-Clarke nee Garden

      • admin on Monday 27 February 2017 at 16:14
      • Reply

      Sorry – no idea. All records for the area are held at the Heritage Centre in the local library. Try

      I’ll look at the board in our hall tomorrow but think it only goes back to 1900. I’ll come back to you

    • Simon Stevens on Monday 27 February 2017 at 22:26
    • Reply

    Hi, my daughter is currently in P7 at Hythehill Primary, Lossiemouth. We’re due to move home to Elgin (Thornhill Road area) later in the year, and would very much like her to attend Elgin Acadamy in the Autumn term, however are unaware if there is a specific catchment area for the admission… would you be able to help with my query please?

    • Charles Boylan on Tuesday 17 March 2020 at 10:02
    • Reply

    I have a History Primers book , titled Roman Antiquities by Prof A S Wilkins. It was published in 1908. Inside written in pencil is a name Jeannie Soures or something like that, class 4 Elgin Academy I was interested to know who this person was and rang the library. The lady told me to contact the archives, when I asked for a number she didn’t have one, how unusual is that, the school library didn’t have a number for the archives. Not what you would expect from an long established academy and guaranteed to put most people off.

      • admin on Tuesday 17 March 2020 at 10:34
      • Reply

      School archives were removed by council decades ago and are now in the public library at Cooper Park.

      Kind regards

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