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National 5 course Information (updated May 2017)

National 5 Biology pupil and Parent info 2017


National 5 E-textbook

Click on the following link to access a free online textbook which supports the National 5 curriculum.


BBC Bitesize

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Oronsay Revision Site

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Key Area Revision 

Key Areas Nat 5

Cell Biology MCQ

Multicellular topic MCQ

Life On Earth MCQ


Problem Solving Support 

For additional support with problem solving skills such as percentage, ratio and average click on the following link

Problem Solving Elgin Academy

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Problem Solving MCQ


National 5 Biology Past Paper Booklet

Education Scotland and SQA have identified questions from Standard Grade Credit and Intermediate 2 papers from the last three years and matched them to Key Areas in the N5 Biology Curriculum. These unit by unit assessments can be accessed by clicking on this link.

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Cell Biology

Click on files in blue to access documents. Problem Solving Practice Problem Solving Cells Summary Booklet Cells Summary Homework 1. Cell Structure Homework 2. Bacteria and Fungus – Homework 3. Osmosis Homework 4. DNA and Proteins 5. Genetic Engineering 6. Glossary of Terms – DNA and the production of proteins 7. INVESTIGATING ENZYMES homework 8. Protein …

Life on Earth

Click on files highlighted in blue to open documents. Problem Solving Problem Solving Practice Life on Earth   Summary LoE Summary 2017 Apparatus and Techniques summary 2018 Homework Eco-footprint- click on the image to get a larger version (then zoom in) We take for granted that our local environment can interact with the rest of the …

Multicellular Organisms

Summary N5 Multicellular summary 2017   Problem Solving Practice Problem Solving Practice Multicellular Organismsaug131   Homework Homework-Case Study – Stem cell treatment for ms sufferers Homework-Stem cells whats missing (Revision) Brain and Nervous system homework Hormones2019 Plant Transport2019 Reproduction Homework Variation and Inheritance2019 Monohybrid Cross Homework Circulation Homework 1 Circulation Homework 2 Lungs Homework Nat …


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