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Teaching and Support Staff

Staff List – January 2017
Head Teacher

Mr David Barnett


Depute Head Teachers

Mrs Karen Grant, Mr Kyle Scott, Mr Alex Webster, Mrs Natalie Munro (Acting)


Art & Design

Mrs Karen Templeton (PT), Mrs Victoria Lee, Mrs Christina Young, Ms Mandy Tullis



Mrs Rosalyn Gordon (PT), Mrs Jennifer Kerr,  Mrs Tracey Shaw, Miss Rachael Rutter


Business & Digital Learning

Mr Ian Ord (PT), Mr Donald Mackay



Mr Sandy Macfarlane (PT) Mrs Nicola Burpitt ( also Acting PT(G) Innes on Fridays) ), Mr Mark Baker, Mr Ross Gray


Design & Technology

Mr James Cruickshanks (PT), Mr Jan Pellegrom, Mr Tom Stewart



Mrs Angela Ogg (PT), Mrs Sarah May, Mrs Melissa MacDonald (NQT)



Mr Iain Valentine (PT), Mrs Helen Bodiam, Mrs Jane Forster, Mrs Joanne Havinden, Mrs Alison Shand, Mr David Terron, Mrs Fiona Walker



Mr Andrew Campbell (PT), Mr Sandy MacWhirter, Miss Sarah Scholes



Mr Ian Davidson (Gordon) (PT), Mrs Lynne Bowely (Innes) (PT), Mrs Christina Fraser (Moray) (PT), Mrs Elaine Macrae (Randolph) (PT), Mrs Susan Taylor (Seafield) (PT)



Ms Amanda Tiddy (PT) Mrs Hazel Strachan/Ms Julie Pearce


Home Economics

Mrs Anne Campbell (PT), Miss Karen Ainslie, Mrs Jill Stewart


Library Resource Centre

Mrs Shelagh Toonen



Mr Christopher Hume (Acting PT), Ms Rachel Thompson, Mr Alistair Davies, Mrs Anna Gowanlock,  Mr Ian MacAndie, Mr Phil Reynolds, Mrs Lesley Lythgoe


Modern Languages  

Mr Jerome Lestienne (PT),  Mrs Deborah Main, Mrs Clare Reynolds, Mrs Fleur Stewart


Modern Studies  

Mrs Emma Hendry (PT jobshare), Mr Christopher Robertson (PT jobshare)



Mrs Helen Mackay (PT), Mrs Aileen Robertson, Miss Shelly McDonald, Ms Anna Mulford (NQT)


Physical Education

Mrs Morag MacDonald (PT 0.5)  Mr Richie Sim (PT 0.5), Mrs Fiona Chapman, Miss Alena Gardner, Mr Alan Davis



Mr Pete Kelly (PT), Mrs Morag McLuckie, Mr Allan Reid, Mrs Rosemary Still


Religious Education

Mr Slumko Tsotsi (PT), Mr David Mulholland


Additional Support for Learning

Mrs Katie Roy (PT), Mr Stephen Kirkpatrick, Mr Richard McWhirter, Mrs Dawn Phillips, Mr Rob Thomas


B6 Autism Base

Mr Stephen O’Leary (PT), Mr Jamie Steele


ASfL Auxiliaries

Mrs Jackie Grant, Mrs Caron Lane, Mrs Kerrie Martin




Valued members of our support staff – written by S5.
Support Staff

Teachers are not the only staff in the school. The Academy could not carry on without the help of all the following people:

Admin Staff – Miss W Anderson, Mrs S Murray, Mrs J Main and Mrs E Bell work in the school office. They prepare the daily bulletins, update attendance records, type letters, keep the school accounts and answer all sorts of questions from you and your parents.

Reception – Mrs C Sim (Mon-Wed) /Miss Lisa Stewart (Thu/Fri) works in the front office where she puts a variety of skills to excellent use. Mrs J Cox looks after all our photocopying

Janitors – Paul, Neil, Davie, and Stewart make sure that classrooms and the buildings are well-kept.

Technicians & Technical Assistants – They provide a broad range of support services to many departments as well as on a whole school basis. They are at present: Mr K Stirrat (Supervisory Technician), Mr S Perry. (ICT/AV Technician) and Mrs T Fleming (Science/AV Technician) Mr Alan Milne (D and T) and Ms Karen Fraser (HE)

General Assistants – Mrs A Miekleham, Mrs P Sandilands, Mrs N Paterson, Mrs J Cox assist departments with a wide variety of tasks to support learning & teaching.

First Aiders – Mrs J Ross (mornings) /Mrs R Ahmed (afternoons) are the First Aid contacts. If you are feeling unwell or get injured you will be sent to them.

Nurse – The school nurse is Jo Fraser who is responsible for the medical management of pupils- lifestyle interviews, the vaccination programme, health promotion in conjunction with P.S.E. and all aspects of care given to pupils with specific medical needs. Jo also provides additional support for pupils via herwalk-in clinics.

Canteen -The canteen staff work for provide two-course and snack meals at lunchtime. They offer snacks at morning interval. In charge is Mrs F Dunbar, ably assisted by several other colleagues.

Cleaning staff – They set to work when the school day ends and do an excellent job in keeping the school clean.

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