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10 – Track 10

09 – Track 9

08 – Track 8

07 – Track 7

06 – Track 6

05 – Track 5

04 – Track 4

03 – Track 3

02 – Track 2

01 – Track 1 



1. You must write the full answer next to the French/German into your little booklet.


2. Listen to the CD to see if you are right (NOTE: not all the pages are voice-recorded). When listening to the French/German you should pause and work out in your head what the answer is, then press play to hear if you got it right.


3. The following week, you will peer-assess your work with instructions from your teacher.


4. You must highlight or circle the words/phrases you did not get.


5. When revising, focus on those highlighted/circled words/phrases.






Same as above but go from English into German/French.


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