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Growth Mindset



[important]GROWTH MINDSETS[/important]

Listed below are links to various documents and videos about Growth Mindsets which were discussed during the recent S1 Curriculum Evening. As the Academy continues to engage our students and staff in the adoption of Growth Mindsets more information will follow.

This is the survey we used with students this week.

Elgin Academy pupil survey (Word doc)

A letter to parents with a basic explanation of our goal

Parent Growth Mindset letter (Word doc)

A booklet to support parents to promote Growth Mindsets at home

Parent Growth Mindset booklet2 (Word doc)

The PowerPoint presentation from the S1 Curriculum Evening

Curriculum evening 16 Sept

Two videos that may be useful

A talk by Carol Dweck who originally developed the basis of Growth Mindset

A one minute introduction to Growth Mindsets


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