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Staff (2018/2019 Session)

Mrs R Gordon (PT)

  Mrs T Shaw

Dr B Orr

Ms Buchanan

Mrs L Millar

Biology Handbook 2016-2017     Biology Handbook

Topic and assessment calendar 2018-19          

Snow Closure Information (click on link to download file)

Snow closure



Biology run study support for all courses National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, on a weekly basis on the run up to examinations. Students can come along to the Biology department to get help with class work, access resources, to work on problem solving or data skills or to work on revision techniques and practice SQA past papers.


  Departmental Aims

Our main departmental aim is to use teaching methods and resources that allow all pupils to access Biology, to feel valued and to experience success and enjoyment in their learning. In doing so the department hope to achieve the following:

    • To maintain and stimulate pupil curiosity and interest in Biology
    • To enable pupils to understand the  rapidly expanding and varied scope of Biology encouraging a practical approach to problem solving
    • To develop a range of personal qualities such as determination, initiative, cooperation and independent learning.
    • To allow pupils to develop informed opinions and be able to support them by reasonable arguments.
  • To ensure pupils see the relevance of Biology to citizenship in modern society and their everyday lives


Internet and Departmental Resources

Resources – either click the button which will load it into Google Docs or download to your computer (depends on the options you have on your browser) If you wish you can just right click and select ‘save as..’ option to save to your own computer.

Problem Solving Support

Problem Solving In Biology

Problem Solving Elgin Academy

Online Revision Resources

Oronsay  http://oronsay.org/Biology.htm

BBC Bitesize  http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/

Revision in a Nutshell  http://www.npfs.org.uk/national-5-revision-in-a-nutshell/


Scholar         http://scholar.hw.ac.uk/

There’s an app for that

Kahoot                https://getkahoot.com/

Brainscape       https://www.brainscape.com/

Cram                  http://www.cram.com/

Pocket anatomy          https://www.pocketanatomy.com/apps/pocket-heart

Cell explorer            https://biomanbio.com/HTML5GamesandLabs/Cellgames/cellexplorerpagehtml5.html

Permanent link to this article: http://www.elginacademy.co.uk/?page_id=65

Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher Information – AH Bio Course info May 17 CfE AH Biology overview mind map   Unit Summaries Unit 1 AH Summary Unit 1 Glossary A-Z Unit 2 AH Summary Unit 3 AH Summary   Homework  Unit 2 Protected species in Scotland Taxonomy homework Evolution Homework Evolution Past paper Homework questions Red Queen Homework …

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Higher Problem Solving Support  Higher Problem solving information sheet Problem Solving Practice Booklet CfE Higher Problem Solving Questions Higher Summaries DNA and the Genome Summary 2018 Metabolism and Survival Summary Sustainability Summary   Higher Glossaries   Please find links for some useful resources. Scholar NQ resources Glow      

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Higher Human

Higher Human Problem Solving Support Higher Problem solving information sheet PS Revision Booklet Summaries Unit 1 Summary 2018 Unit 2 Summary Physiology and Health Unit 3 Summary Neurobiology and Immunology Revision HH biology revision – Key areas SQA MCQ Unit 1 – Human Cells SQA MCQ Unit 2 – Physiology and Health SQA MCQ Unit …

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National 4

  BBC Bitesize Nat 4 Click on the following link to access the Biology section of BBC Bitesize. You may find this useful as a revision resource. http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/z3ykjxs    

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National 5

National 5 course Information (updated May 2017) National 5 Biology pupil and Parent info 2017   National 5 E-textbook Click on the following link to access a free online textbook which supports the National 5 curriculum. https://sites.google.com/a/edubuzz.org/nat5biopl/home   BBC Bitesize Click on the following link to access the Nat 5 section of BBC Bitesize http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/zync87h …

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Charles Darwin

S3 CfE Course

Pupils may find the following website useful as a revision resource. BBC Bitesize Nat 4 http://www.bbc.co.uk/education/subjects/z3ykjxs    

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