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Head Students 2017-2018

Head Student: Morven Cumming

Depute Head Students: Anais Bliault and Hannah Barron

Head Student – Morven Cumming

With all the incredible competition that there was for Head Student, I was shocked to say the least to get it but also honoured and excited. I could not be happier with the two deputies and am really looking forward to working with them over the course of the year on many different events/ activities (we’ve already decided on a venue and colour scheme for prom). I know I’ll try my very best to make every students’ year the best it could be and hopefully do enough to leave a mark on the school for years to come. Thank you.

Depute Head Student – Anais Bliault

I am greatly honoured to have been appointed to the position of Deputy Head Student. Over the last five years at Elgin Academy I have come to understand the importance of many things such as responsibility, commitment and gaining confidence. This opportunity will allow me to further develop such important values and provide me a rewarding challenge that will perfectly conclude my final year at Elgin Academy. I will strive to actively listen to and support the voices of the school and create an environment where pupils can flourish. I am thoroughly looking forward to working with Morven, Hannah and the rest of the leadership team to further push the school and make this a positive, enjoyable year for everyone. As a trio, we are very excited to bring our ideas to life and also to embrace the ideas of the rest of the school. Overall, I hope I will set a genuine example as Deputy Head Student with whom people can feel open to talk and work with.

Depute Head Student – Hannah Barron

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity help the school by being appointed Deputy Head Student. I hope to build on the success of previous Deputy and Head students by putting my knowledge and experience into practice. I am excited to be working with Morven, Anais and the rest of the leadership team throughout the year to help maintain the high standards of Elgin Academy. I aim to be an approachable and friendly individual that any member of the school community can come to talk to and share ideas, opinions and concerns. I believe that our team can work together to create a safe, positive and happy environment for pupils and staff alike. I am looking forward to the challenges this year will bring and how these challenges will develop me as a person, allowing me to gain more confidence and other important skills I will need in later life. I am determined to make the most of this role and my last year of school.

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