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Head Students 2016-2017

Matthew Edwards
 I must admit when I was given the position of head student I was a little surprised, considering how strong the other candidates were.  However, I think this shows how strong our year group is, and now I’ve been given the position I’m excited to work with everyone to ensure this is a great year.  Having previously worked with some of the senior staff I know that together we will do our very best for the school and draw on past achievements to push the school even further than before.Previously I’ve captained and led basketball teams and I currently represent my region at under 18 level and look forward to trying to win the league after finishing second in Scotland last year.  In school this year I opted to do 3 Advanced Highers (Maths, Physics and Chemistry) and a Higher (Biology),  in the hopes of refining but also expanding on my previous Highers.  I think this shows some of the possibilities that the school offers through its wide range of choices and the inclusion of Advanced Highers is often regarded as a big step towards university which is great for a student like me who’s hoping to go to university one day.
Overall I’m thoroughly looking forward to the year ahead, and contributing to the improvement of a school which has been pushing and challenging me for 6 years now to try and become the best I can be.
Caitlin Gallagher

I am very thankful to have been appointed to the position of Deputy Head Student. This opportunity will allow me to make a positive contribution to the school whilst also developing skills that will be invaluable for my future.  Like most past Head and Deputy head Students, I strive to make this year great for students and staff alike.  Matt, Steffan and I have different likes and ambitions, so we would each like to put in place ideas that are personal to us.  I would like to study medicine at university and am an event First Aid volunteer with the Red Cross which is where my ideas of bring First Aid into the curriculum and obtaining a defibrillator for the school have come from.  As a trio we already have a lot of ideas for the year and would like to make sure everyones’ voices are heard.  This is my last year at Elgin Academy and so I’m definitely going to make the most of it.



Steffan Kilpatrick

Having received the position of Deputy Head Student alongside Caitlyn and working with Head Student Matthew is both a great honour and responsibility to have been given to me. Additionally, I look forward to supporting the numerous committees and leadership teams within our year in order to benefit Elgin Academy’s students.
Recently I have developed a greater leadership role in and out of school such as in Scouting and I will be applying these skills throughout the year. At weekly meetings, Caitlyn, Matt and I discuss broad topics that could be developed and feed these ideas to the wider leadership team. Meetings with the wider team such as house leaders and committee leaders will occur less frequently and will cover aspects that may require multiple opinions. Before applying for the position, I had limited opportunities to help the school and contribute ideas however now I can work as a larger team to help Elgin Academy have another successful year.
Everyone in the leadership team is excited to make their ideas a reality and are also available to take ideas from younger students in the school.

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