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Senior Students 2019-2020

Head Student: Ellis Saunders

Depute Head Students: Morven Ross (L) and Robyn Thompson (R)

Head Student – Ellis Saunders

I am extremely honoured to have been selected as Head Student considering the strong competition I was up against.

I am excited to work with Morven and Robyn as a team to make the school an even more enjoyable place and uniting individual year groups through activities for each year. I hope to work closely with the sports committee to make more inter-house events available for pupils to sign up for and give more people more opportunities to try new sports and use the PE department to its full potential along with various other events such as fundraising for charity through come as you please days and bake sales. I hope to be approachable to any pupil who wishes to share any ideas they have on how to improve the school and I very excited to fulfil this role as head student over the coming year.


Depute Head Student – Morven Ross

My name is Morven Ross and I am delighted to have been chosen to represent Elgin Academy this year as one of the Deputy Head Students. I used to look up to the senior students and hoped that one day I would be like them, so I now feel privileged to be a role model for the younger years. The time at Elgin Academy passes so quickly and I want to encourage everyone to make the most of the many opportunities available at the school.

We have a fantastic school and over the next year, working closely with Robyn and Ellis, as well as the teachers and other members of staff, we hope to make lots of memories and great achievements which will make a lasting impression on our school.

Depute Head Student – Robyn Thompson

I am very privileged to have been appointed as a Deputy Head Student and extremely excited for the year ahead. I feel very fulfilled to be one of the lucky three that got picked from a great group of applicants. One of my many aims for this year is to leave a mark at Elgin Academy from the class of 2019-2020.

I, Morven and Ellis want to bring the school together and work as a team. We will take a bunch of great ideas and combine them to create the best possible one so we can make things even better.

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The Academy is now CLOSED to staff and students until further notice. Details of admission of key workers' children to follow