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Head Students 2018-2019

Head Student: Georgia Ettles

Depute Head Students: Ruby Daly & Joshua Ogle

Head Student – Georgia Ettles

Having been up against some truly amazing competition, I was incredibly touched to have been selected for the role of Head Student.  I am excited to build upon my skill set and faces the academic and leadership challenges ahead. Over the course of the coming year, I believe, working with Ruby, Joshua and the rest of the Student Leadership Team, we will ensure Elgin Academy and its community develop in a positive way and become more inclusive than it already is.  I aim to be a friendly, approachable role model with whom people feel comfortable to discuss any concerns or ideas they have.

I look forward to being an ambassador for the school and hope to leave a positive impression long into the future.


Depute Head Student – Ruby Daly

I am delighted to have been appointed Depute Head Student alongside Joshua with Georgia as our Head Student.  I am sure workign with them and the school community as a whole is going to be a positive and fulfilling experience.  Through this role, I am hoping to develop and build on my communication skills by workign with a variety of staff and students especially the Student Senate, the Senior Leadership Team and of course, my peers.  This year I would really like to develop the different year groups connections to one another as well as strengthening links with the SfL department.

Depute Head Student – Joshua Ogle

I am honoured to have been appointed as a Deputy Head Student. Since arriving at the Academy, I have developed a lot of skills including communication and leadership and I am excited about putting these to good use by working alongside Georgia and Charlotte to achieve our goals that will hopefully make Elgin Academy a better place.  I am working towards bringing more students into sporting activities and creating opportunities for them to thrive and achieve their potential, not only in sports but within the school itself.  I am aiming to be a positive role model for the younger ones to look up to and be approachable if they have any issues.

Together with Georgia and Ruby I hope we can achieve great things during our time for the benefit of students and the school itself.

I am going to use this role to make a positive impact and also accept the challenge of helping others as much as I can to achieve their goals.

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