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Modern Studies

Mrs E Hendry (PT)

Mr C Robertson

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Higher Resources
Devolved Decision Making Essays
DME layout
Essay Marking Grid

Politics of Development Essays

USA Essays

Wealth and Health Essays

Writing the DME
S2 Modern Studies Terrorism Homework Booklet
9/11 memorial lists (CNN)

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Modern Studies weblinks

For sites for younger pupils use www.yahooligans.com and search for your topic Revision   http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/ypt/resources.html www.4learning.co.uk/forum – News and current affairs with info on environmental issues and social topics. www.adamsmith.org.uk – think tank Government / Politics     Government www.explore.parliament.uk – Parliament modern studies www.whitehouse.gov – Whitehouse, USA modern studies http://bensguide.gpo.gov/ – younger pupils guide to American Government   Political Parties http://www.labour.org.uk Labour Party …

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