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Modern Languages

Ms L Lyall (Acting PT)

Mrs D Main

List of French TV, Radio and News Websites      French radio and tv channel webcasts        French newspaper                 News site for young people                   tf1 (French tv channel)          France 2 (French tv channel)     Canal plus (cable tv channel)

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10 – Track 10 09 – Track 9 08 – Track 8 07 – Track 7 06 – Track 6 05 – Track 5 04 – Track 4 03 – Track 3 02 – Track 2 01 – Track 1   S3   1. You must write the full answer next to the French/German into your …

Mr Lestienne’s classes


S1 Modern Languages

International Week posters

This week (1-8 Oct), Mrs Newbould’s S2 class were busy creating informative posters about Francophone and other countries worldwide. Some of their efforts are below:  


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