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S5/6 trip – ‘The Cone Gatherers’

On Tuesday the 18th of September, four members of the English Department took 79 pupils to His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen to see an adaptation of The Cone Gatherers, originally by Robin Jenkins.

The reactions of pupils to the play were mostly positive. The actors put in much effort to successfully make the play enjoyable for all. The instability of John Duror’s mind was made clear by the actions and soliloquies that happened during the play. The total innocence of Calum was completely transparent, made by the squeals and curious facial expressions. Roderick’s pellucid sense of what equality is was made perfectly apparent by his need for just action and his sympathy towards the Cone Gatherers and, in particular, towards Calum.

Senior pupils will be studying The Cone Gatherers this year and I know that this trip has benefited us all greatly.

Katie Morison S5

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