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Ms K Ainslie (PT)

S1 Resources

S1’s favourite Apple Crumble recipe – click picture to open or right click and select ‘Save As’ to download

S1 Apple Crumble Recipe


More S1 recipes – click to download or ‘right click and save as…’

Basic Muffin Recipe   Design and make a muffin muffin powerpoint
2011 2012 homework sheets S1 nutrients S1 Homework Nutrients Project marking grid for attaching to pupils work
S1 – ‘Eating for Life’ recipes – added January 2012
S1 banana CakesS1 Chocolate Cake S1 Fried RiceS1 Individual Carrot Cakes S1 Lemon CheesecakeS1 Quiche
February 2012 March 2012
 S1 Apple and Cinnammon Scone Practical Assessment S1 Savoury Cous Cous RecipeS1 Tuna Pasta Recipe S1 Spicy Fruity Cous Cous RecipeS1 Vegetable Soup Recipe
S1 Rock Cake Recipe Peer Assessment S1 Pizza Recipe S1 Pineapple Upside Down Cake Recipe

S2 Resources

NEW! Feb 12

Diet Related Diseases Project sheet

Standard Grade – added February 2012


Credit 2007 Credit 2008 Credit 2009
Credit 2010 Credit 2011
 General 2007 General 2008 General 2009
General 2010 General 2011
Marking Schemes
2007 Credit Marking Scheme 2008 Credit Marking Scheme 2009 Credit Marking Scheme
2010 Credit Marking Scheme 2011 Credit Marking Scheme
 2007 General Marking Scheme 2008 General Marking Scheme 2009 General Marking Scheme
2010 General Marking Scheme 2011 General Marking Scheme

Higher and Intermediate 2 course specifications

Higher Course Specification Int 2 Course Specification H Resource Management Notes
Essential knowledge pack Higher and Int 2 HFT H Consumer Studies Notes

Higher and Intermediate 2 past papers and marking schemes

(all in .pdf format – click to open or right click ‘save as’ to download and save to your PC)

Past Higher Question papers

2003 H HFT Question Paper2004 H HFT Question Paper 2005 H HFT Question Paper2006 H HFT Question Paper 2007 H HFT Question Paper
2008 H HFT Question Paper 2009 H HFT Question Paper 2010 H HFT Question Paper
Past Intermediate Question papers
2003 Int 2 HFT Question Paper2004 Int 2 HFT Question Paper 2005 Int 2 HFT Question Paper 2006 Int 2 HFT Question Paper2007 Int 2 HFT Question Paper
2008 Int 2 HFT Question Paper 2009 Int 2 HFT Question Paper 2010 Int 2 HFT Question Papaer
Higher Marking schemes
2003 H HFT Marking Scheme2004 H HFT Marking Scheme 2005 H HFT Marking Scheme2006 H HFT Marking Scheme 2007 H HFT Marking Scheme
2008 H HFT Marking Scheme 2009 H HFT Marking Scheme 2010 H HFT marking scheme

Intermediate 2 Marking Schemes

2003 Int 2 HFT Marking Scheme 2004 Int 2 HFT Marking Scheme
2005 Int 2 HFT Marking Scheme 2006 Int 2 HFT Marking Scheme 2007 Int 2 HFT Marking Scheme
 2008 Int 2 HFT Marking Scheme   2009 Int 2 HFT Marking Scheme   2010 Int 2 HFT Marking Scheme

Prelim Marking Scheme

January 2012

higher Prelim January

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