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Religious/Moral Education

Religious and Moral Education

(incorporating Philosophy and Psychology)


Mr S Tsotsi (PT)

Mr D Mulholland

Mr N Grant


Miss Devlin, our student teacher  last year, did some great PREZIs for us.
The Cosmological Argument. See it here
One on Design Argument here
Epistemology here
If you click the ‘here’ link it will take you in a new tab/window to the Prezi.


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Revision – Belief and Science – Jan 2010

Higher Christianity Class test with Marking Instruction – September 2009

Morality Class self test – November 2009

Revision – Gender and Moral Philosophy – Jan. 2010

Revision – Science & religion – Jan 2009

Revision – The Human Condition – Jan 2010

S4 – BIG BANG Revision Notes


Higher RMPS Course Structure – Elgin Academy

Christianity 2003

Women in Islam


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