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Guidance Team

Mr I Davidson (Gordon)

Mrs L Bowley (Innes)

Mrs C Fraser (Moray)

Mrs E Macrae (Randolph)

Mrs S Taylor (Seafield)

The role of guidance

Your Guidance Teacher will:

· be particularly interested in how you are getting on

· get to know you particularly well

· have time set aside to help you

· arrange to see you to discuss how you have settled in and how you are getting on

· make sure you know what is going on in the Academy and have any information you need

· take you for one period of tutor time each week during which you will follow a personal and social education programme

· be willing to give you help and advice

· help you choose the subjects you want to take in later years

· help you find out more about possible careers and help you arrange your Work Experience (see details here)

· be available to see your parents

· report to your parents on how you are getting on

Your guidance teacher will be a great help to you, not only when you join the Academy but throughout your time in the school. You will have the same principal teacher of guidance for all that time.

The Guidance Entitlement

All First Year Pupils are entitled to:

· have a visit from one of the Academy Guidance team while in primary 7 and come to the school for a tour before their induction in June.

· spend a day in the Academy in June prior to starting secondary and meet their Guidance Teacher.

· an early “settling in” interview with their Guidance Teacher.

· know how, when and where they can see their Guidance Teacher.

· know what a Guidance Teacher does and be encouraged to consult them about any personal, social or curricular issues which they wish to discuss.

· participate in a Personal and Social Education Programme which includes: Getting to Know You; Achievements and Progress File; Anti-Bullying; Coping with Adolescence; Personal Safety.

· a report on their progress.

All Second Year Pupils are entitled to:

· consult their Guidance Teacher about any personal, social and curricular issues.

· a PSE Programme which includes: Decision Making; Self Awareness/Assessment; Alcohol and Drugs Awareness; Careers Education.

· learn how to research in the Careers Library and on computer databases.

· an individual interview to discuss course choice for S3/4.

· an introduction from the Careers Adviser and the chance to consult with him regarding course choice and careers
· a report on their progress.

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