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Congratulation to our Eco schools group on receiving a ‘highly commended’ award at this years MYCA award ceremony. Well deserved award after all of their hard work this session.

Green Flag Award

Congratulations to Elgin Academy for obtaining their first Green Flag Award! After all of the hard work that the Eco Schools group put in last year this is very well deserved. Our Eco Schools group seems to be keeping up the good work this year, so lets see if we can maintain it. Well done all staff and students at Elgin Academy who have helped to contribute towards this.


Introduction to Eco Schools Scotland

To find out more information visit the following webpage.

Eco-School’s is an international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action on sustainable development education.

We are looking for pupils to become members of a dynamic and motivated Eco-Committee which runs Eco-School activities and comes up with an Action plan for the school to achieve Green Flag status. This Green Flag will show that as a school we have made a commitment to improving our environment.

The committee is to be run by S6 pupils but we would like to see a range of all year groups represented in the schools Eco-Committee so that the views of the whole school community can be taken into account. This way we can hopefully achieve much more too!

Although the main focus of our group is to make our school community more aware of our environment and to take steps to meet the criteria for becoming a Green Flag school, we hope for the Eco-Committee to plan a range of fun activities for the whole school to be involved in throughout the year.

In previous years the Eco-Committee has planned activities such as building bug hotels and bird feeders, tree planting, design a bin competition and a ‘Swap Shop’.

What we do as a school is up to you! As long as we have a focus on litter we can also focus on two more areas from the ten available topics such as Biodiversity, Health and Wellbeing, School Grounds, Energy, Food and the Environment, and Transport to name a few.

So if you care about your environment then come join the Eco-Committee. Being a part of the committee could also allow you to develop leadership skills, do some event planning, manage finances, do some fundraising and develop your communication skills. It also looks really good on your CV or UCAS application! There will be messages in the bulletin and presentations at assemblies after the summer break to give you more information on how to get involved.


“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it” Robert Swan.


Calling all parents! We would also be interested in hearing from any parents that would like to be involved with the Elgin Academy Eco-Committee. Our committee can be greatly improved by having parent members; even if this just involves keeping up-to-date with our activities and getting in touch with the school when you have any feedback or suggestions, we would be delighted to hear from you. We will be posting all minutes of our meetings on this page once our Eco-Committee is up and running, and we will share our Action Plan and any events that we plan on this page too.


Mrs Shaw


Empty Classroom Day

On Wednesday 22nd June we held an Empty Classroom Day! We encouraged staff and students to take their classes outside and enjoy learning in the school grounds as part of this global campaign. A variety of subjects and year groups were involved throughout the day including our primary school visitors.

It was fantastic to see so many staff and students making their way outside and getting involved in outdoor learning. We even had some hard-core classes outside P5 after the lunchtime rain….until it became torrential!

In total Elgin Academy had 37 classes involved in Empty Classroom Day which is brilliant:-

P1 and P2: 16 classes

P3+P4: 14 classes

P5+P6: 7 classes (with the rain)

Miss Heptonstall's Class

School Garden












                                         Building Bird Boxes


On Thursday 27th and Friday 28th October pupils involved in the Eco Schools group at Elgin Academy used the resources down at our technical department to build some bird boxes. Pupils had organised a bake sale to raise money to buy the resources and arranged to build these in time for winter to put in our school garden as part of their drive to help Biodiversity in the area. They built different boxes to encourage different species of bird into the garden. Thanks to the staff down at the technical department for their support.



                                       Switch Off Fortnight


From the 14th to the 27th of November we are asking the school to take part in the switch off fortnight.  This allows the schools energy usage to be lowered and will help us towards achieving our green flag because it is part of our energy topic.  During these 2 weeks surveys will be taken of the classrooms to see if electrical appliances have been left on or off.

As a school we are very proud to announce that we saved over £300 over ‘Switch Off Fortnight’. This is all thanks to the staff and students of Elgin Academy for being so diligent in their taking part. If we manage to keep this effort going throughout the year then we would be able to save around £6000 per year!




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