Health and Well-being consultation

As a school we have been involved in trying to increase our understanding of Health and Well-being. Along with Literacy and Numeracy, Health and Well-being is one of the main areas of a Curriculum for Excellence. 

Health and Well-being is broken down into Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional Well-being. Elgin Academy has always been a very ‘Healthy’ school and we are now trying to improve the profile of this both within and out with the curriculum. 

One way in which we are aiming to do this is by creating a school definition for Health and Well-being. In order to do this, 60 pupils were randomly selected to take part in a pupil consultation task on Friday 14 December which will eventually lead to them producing a definition.  As a school we felt that if the pupils created the definition this would  increase their understanding and ownership of promoting Health and Well-being within school.  Pupils took part in a number of fun and interactive tasks that centred around the main themes of Health and Well-being.  These tasks will all contribute to our definition of Health and Well being.  Parents and staff will also be involved in consultation. This definition will then be shared with everyone.  

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School Handbook

A reminder that the updated 2013 School Handbook is available by clicking the Red Button in the right hand sidebar or here

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Farmers’ Market

The Annual Farmers Market was held in Elgin Academy Assembly Hall on 7th December 2012.  Pictures and more details are here

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Poet Liz Niven visits the Academy

Poet Liz Niven

Liz is a poet and writer who has published several poetry collections and written and edited texts to support Scots and English language work in education. She teaches creative writing and has held a wide range of writing fellowships. As part of Book Week Scotland, Liz worked with an S5 Higher English class in the library and  read some of her poetry to the pupils. She went on to encourage pupils to write their own poems and gave them creative writing tips.

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St Andrews Day

The last day of November; the day when Scots eat haggis washed down with Irn Bru, deck themselves out in kilts and enjoy the bagpipes. Last Friday Elgin Academy was no exception as the school community joined in the celebrations..

To celebrate the National Day, Elgin Academy Library held an event to celebrate Scottish books ranging from J.K Rowling’s “Harry Potter” to “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” by Edinburgh born writer, Robert Louis Stevenson. Refreshments were served by the Book Crusaders: Irn Bru, oatcakes, Orkney cheese and Tunnocks tea cakes.

The library drew an impressive crowd who were captivated by Mr Clark, Mr MacWhirter, Mrs Havinden, Ms Newbould, Benjamin Hogan, Rebecca Campbell and Lucy Bremner. The seven told the audience of their favourite Scottish tales. Mr MacWhirter was especially entertaining with his enthusiasm for “Whisky Galore” by Compton MacKenzie.

Sean McHugh also played his bagpipes which could be heard all round the school. Every pupil and teacher was invited to join in with the Scottish spirit of the day by wearing their kilts or a piece of tartan to school.


Report by Sophie Thirkell S6 Publicity Group

More pictures are available under the EVENTS Tab or click here

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Book Week Scotland – Matthew Fitt and Scots

Matthew Fitt, a Scottish writer, poet and children’s author visited Elgin Academy last Monday to tell pupils about the importance of the Scots language.

A full report and photos (to follow) is on the Book Week page under the Library menu here or the Author visits page here

For more information on Matthew Fitt visit his website here

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