Red Cross Fashion Show

A Red Cross fashion show was held within the school, staring S6 models wearing clothes that have been donated to the Red Cross. It was organised by S6 house leader Kirsty Cumming who delivered a presentation on how you can get involved in the Red Cross.  A full report and photographs are on the British Red Cross Fashion Show page under School events or click here

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On Monday 26 November, Elgin Academy participated in their second schools competition to qualify for the national schools championship held in Edinburgh. They secured their place in the championship with Josh Kellock of S6 skipping the game to win with a score of 11-3 against Forres Academy who were last year’s qualifiers. This was Elgin Academy’s first year entering the local competition run at Moray Leisure Centre so the result was very credible.


Left-Right – Daniella Holder(S1), Hannah Barron(S1), Eilidh Yeats(S6), Josh Kellock(S6), Martin Keith(S1)

Report by Eilidh Yeats

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Book Week Scotland

Elgin Academy library is currently one of four schools in Scotland hosting events sponsored by the Scottish Book Trust. So far this week we have seen Matthew Fitt who spoke to S1 classes in the Hall about the languages and culture of Scotland and took a Scots writing workshop in the library for S3 students. Still to come; a workshop for S5 students run by the poet Liz Niven and a full day of activities on Friday 30th November to celebrate St Andrew’s Day. More details on the Book Week Scotland page here

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Senior Maths Challenge

Representing the school in this Maths event on 21st November in Aberdeen were sixth years Elliott Mansfield and Stuart Johnstone and fifth years Daniel Kirkpatrick and Calum Ferguson, assisted by Mr Hume.

We met outside the school at 7AM, and travelled to Aberdeen International School, where the challenge was taking place. When we arrived we immediately got started on some questions to “get our minds in gear”. These questions were challenging but we got most of them correct. We were then presented with the first round… now this one was REALLY challenging, but nonetheless we still had a fun time doing it.  Next we had the “Cross Number” round – like a crossword except it was numbers required rather than letters. I think it’s fair to say that that was our best round with a grand total of 43 marks out of 56.

30 minutes for lunch, then it was into the final “relay” race round – where we only had 8 minutes to answer four impossible questions…

It turned out we came in 7th place but that didn’t matter because it was a good day out and a new experience, so overall this really was a case where it was the taking part that counts.

Thanks to Mr Hume for giving us the opportunity to take part..

By Stuart Johnstone

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Scottish Enterprising Maths Competition

Elgin Academy was represented at this competition, held on 15th November, at Glasgow University, by Fergus McLean, Phiona Rolls, Zmarak Ahmad Khan and Anna Campbell. We were accompanied by Mr Hume and a team from Elgin High.

As the large hall at the university filled up with 60 different schools from all across Scotland, we were handed a warm-up crossword with some Maths questions. After this we had to answer eight questions within a limited amount of time. Our second round involved building a 3D puzzle which was challenging, yet enjoyable.

As the event progressed we took part in what we believed to be the more entertaining rounds – the first of which was a set of six logical puzzles. The concluding round was the much anticipated ‘relay’.  However tiring and intense it may have been, this activity still proved to be a highlight.

As the day drew to a close, we were awarded certificates for participation and, though we didn’t win, we got a glass trophy. As a whole, the trip to Glasgow was an interesting experience for all competitors, was thoroughly enjoyable and great to be a part of.

By Fergus McLean and Phiona Rolls

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Farmers’ Market 2012

The Third Annual Farmers’ Market, organised and run by S2 each year will be on Friday 7th December 2012. A wide variety of stalls will be there including gifts, chocolate, honey, fresh fruit and vegetables and meat Products as well as many opportunities to buy presents for Christmas. The market opens at 10am and closes at around 2.30pm. Open to all in the school and local community. More details to follow.

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Prelims started on Monday 13th January and continue until Tuesday 28th January (apart from one or two exams afterwards)