S1 CfE Information Evening

A letter with details about the S1 Parents’ Information Evening on 14th September is below.

SM-Letter to S1 Parents re CfE Open Evening 14 Sept-28.8.15

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Our S6 students were serving the community on Tuesday 25 August by collecting litter from the public areas and woodland paths around the school. We aims to keep this up over the course of the session, although we will obviously be delighted if there is no litter to collect in the first place!

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Letter to Parents

A letter from the Head Teacher to parents covering various topics is attached below.

Letter to Parents-August-24.8.15


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Exam Results 2015



Elgin Academy students have once again enjoyed an extremely successful set of SQA exam results, once again breaking records in overall percentage terms in several measures.

Many students gained the best they possibly could, and, amongst these, there were some tremendous individual performances. Seven students in S5 gained 5 As at Higher: Zmarak Ahmed Khan, Anna Campbell, Matthew Coulson, Neil Hawco, Oscar Heald, Alasdair Robinson and Rhiannon Smith. In addition, S5 student Alexander Hawco gained 2 As at Advanced Higher and 2 As and a B at Higher to add to the 3 N5 As and 3 Higher As he gained in S4. In S6, Iain Sword gained 3 As at Advanced Higher and an A at Higher, whilst Leonie Davidson gained 3 As at Advanced Higher.

S4 students faired particularly well, with 23 students gaining 6 As at National 5: Aimal Ahmed Khan, Greg Anderson, William Angus, Haya Asad, Hazel Bayliss, Ross Beveridge, Ross Clark, Matthew Edwards, Chelsea Faulkner, Katie Fraser, Sian Gill, Ruairidh Gunn, Sophie Kinnaird, Jenny Lewis, Lewis McCalman, Gillian McDonald, Kirstie McLean, Arnav Mehta, Katrina Raine, Imogen Spencer, Rhona Sword, KIrsty Watkins and Joe Welsh. Cailtin Gallacher gained 5 As at N5, 1 A at Higher and 1 A at Advanced Higher.

The school’s congratulations go to all students who have tried their best for these exams. The vital support of a very hardworking and committed staff was essential, and our thanks and appreciation goes to the staff of Elgin Academy. In addition, the support of parents is crucial to success, and is very much appreciated.

Some students have not achieved what they might have hoped for, and students will have the opportunity to change their course choices if necessary when they return next week.

We look forward to further success in 2016!

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Holocaust Memorial unveiled

We were honoured to be visited once again by Zigi Shipper, a survivor of the Holocaust on Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 June 2015. Zigi visited both Elgin Academy and Elgin High School, and talked about his experiences, including at a meeting for parents, family, friends and the public in Elgin Academy on Monday evening. Zigi unveiled a memorial stone at the front of the school, which came about due to the idea and drive of former Auschwitz Ambassadors Hayley Nicol and Mollie Anderson. The stone was donated by Gavin Tennant,  and designed and carved by Heather Griffith of Historic Scotland.


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