S6 Dux

At the S6 Leavers’ Ceremony on Friday 24 April, the S6 Dux was announced. This year, there are two joint recipients of this award. Congratulations go to Callum Alexander and to Iain Sword, who will receive their awards at the senior Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 16 June 2015.


Joint S6 Duces for 2015 Ian Sword (left) and Callum Alexander (right), with David Barnett (Head Teacher)

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Last day for leavers from S4, S5 & S6


Breakfast time…


S6 Innes Leavers

Students in S4, S5 and S6 who will be leaving after the exams enjoyed their last day of normal classes on Friday 24 April 2015. The day kicked off with a celebratory breakfast for S6, and also included leavers’ ceremonies for S4, S5 and S6. Special thanks go to the staff of the Home Economics department for their hard work in laying on a wonderful spread.


S6 Gordon leavers


S6 Moray leavers


S6 Randolph Leavers


S6 Seafield leavers


S4 leavers


S5 Leavers

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S6 Paired Readers

Our S6 Paired Readers have done a fabulous job this session in supporting their younger reading partners. As a small token of appreciation and to show their thanks, Mrs Toonen and Mrs Meisner invite all the S6 Paired Readers to the library on Friday of this week (17th April) at lunchtime.

There will be a big, beautiful booky cake ready waiting to be devoured!  Make sure you are there.


Picture gallery of the event is on the LIbrary page or go here

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Bottle appeal


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Sports Day


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Study Leave for S5/6 starts at 1250hrs for S6 and 1520hrs for S5 (and S4 who are doing 3 or more Nat 5 exams) on Friday 24th April 2015.