Leadership Skills Camps in July 2020

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Family Fun Technology Day

Application form (pdf format) is below:


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Headteacher’s Christmas letter to all

Letter to Parents – End of Term Christmas 2019


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May Day holiday 2020

May day holiday is now on Friday 8th May (VE Day) and NOT Monday 4th May which will now be a normal school day. Letter attached below (pdf format)

May Day 2020 letter

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Senior Phase – Moray College

Dear Senior Phase Parents,

Moray College have asked Elgin Academy to make you aware of the courses that they offer, both in partnership with the school and as full time courses. This document is attached below (pdf format 17 pages)

senior phase at moray college uhi 2020-21

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Elgin Academy Farmers’ Market – Thursday 12th December

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Prelims started on Monday 13th January and continue until Tuesday 28th January (apart from one or two exams afterwards)